Things to do to avoid untoward incidents in ride sharing

Things to do to avoid untoward incidents in ride sharing

Ride sharing has become an important part of daily life. For those who don't own a private car or motorbike, ride sharing is a boon in this busy city. This app-based transportation service is very convenient as you can book a car or motorbike from anywhere at any time of the day or night. However, passengers need to keep some things in mind during ride sharing. It helps to avoid any untoward incidents during journey or trip.

Whatever you have to do

Take enough time to request a ride at home. It is not safe to stand outside for a long time with the phone in hand. Check the driver's rating and then request a ride.

Compare the vehicle number, model, driver's photo etc. before getting into the vehicle. Whenever possible, sit in the back seat of the car so you can get out of the car quickly if needed. Fasten your seatbelt while riding in the car. Share your location with loved ones using the 'Share Trip Status' feature of the ride sharing app. If you have doubts about a ride sharing driver's use, try to be safe, if necessary cancel the ride (ride cancellation).

Wear a helmet while riding a motorbike, check whether the driver is wearing a helmet or not. It is important to ensure that there is no unnecessary conversation between the driver and the passenger while riding the bike. Also, don't talk on the phone while riding a motorcycle, discourage the driver as well.

Safety comes first

Fahim Ahmed, managing director and chief executive officer of app-based transport service Pathao, said that the safety of passengers and drivers is given top priority in Pathao's ride sharing. Pathao offers 'Safety Coverage' in case of accident or any loss. He said, 'For the drivers, we strictly ensure the use of safety gear like helmets, so that the amount of damage can be kept as low as possible in case of any kind of untoward incident. In addition, we give priority to any issue or call during emergencies, so that maximum assistance can be provided. We also provide legal advice and support.'

Uber also takes safety very seriously. So if you use these services, you can rest assured about your safety. Such trips are covered by GPS around the clock, so can be tracked very easily. There are also features like 'Safety Toolkit' and 24-hour hotline. Apart from this, Uber has RideCheck 3.0 facility, which detects any irregularities in the journey. Uber representatives will then contact the passenger and driver to inquire about the irregularity and ensure their safety. Besides, the insurance policy provides compensation to passengers in case of any accident.

But in recent times the rate of direct contractual travel has increased in ride sharing services. App is not used for these journeys. The drivers bargain with the passengers directly from the road and deliver them to their destination. Bangladesh Police has declared such travel prohibited. Apart from this, none of the above facilities will be available in direct travel. As a result, such movement can be dangerous for both the passengers and the driver.

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