Cruise Recalls 950 Driverless Cars After Accident

Cruise Recalls 950 Driverless Cars After Accident

General Motors-owned Cruise is recalling 950 self-driving cars after they injured pedestrians in San Francisco. General Motors' self-driving unit said it plans to recall more driverless cars made by Cruze soon.

The US regulator, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), also launched an investigation into the driverless cars manufactured by Cruise last October after they hit pedestrians. The regulator's Office of Defects Investigation says it has received two complaints about driverless cars in San Francisco injuring pedestrians. In both complaints, the pedestrians were walking after receiving a green traffic signal. One incident happened last August. Where the car struck the pedestrian at a speed of 1.4 miles per hour. The other accident happened this October. Where the vehicle could signal but failed to stop in time and hit the pedestrian. Both accidents happened at night.

NHTSA said Wednesday that the crashes were caused by a software error in the Cruise's automated driving system. In view of this, the cruise authorities have decided to take back the cars. Cruise decided to stop production of driverless cars last month due to the recent suspension of robotaxi operator licenses in California. Last Monday, Cruise announced that the production of driverless cars has been temporarily suspended.

Notably, the state of California allowed driverless cars made by Waymo and Cruise to drive for 24 hours last August. Earlier, these two companies were allowed to operate as taxi services only at night.

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