Buying Hybrid Car Batteries, Or E-Waste

Buying Hybrid Car Batteries, Or E-Waste

A lot of hybrid cars are seen in the country now. Many people do not know much about the hybrid battery of these cars. If you don't know some things about hybrid batteries, you'll just have to cheat. Gacha has to pay thousands of rupees.

The life cycle of the hybrid battery is 10 years. If your car has a 2012 hybrid battery, it's already past its lifespan. If you buy a 2012 battery right now; That would be a very wrong decision. Of course, try to buy the latest battery you can get.

How to know the production date of a hybrid battery

To know that, open the case or cover on the hybrid battery. The modules under the cover have the 'Date Code'.

A date code or date signal is visible on each module in the image. Here the code is 084QHM05743TMB1. Here the first 2 digits are the date. For example 08. The next number or letter indicates the month. Numbers from 1 to 9. Where 1 means January and 9 means September. X stands for October, Y stands for November and Z stands for December. Our serial number is 4, it means the month of April.

The next letter is the year. J stands for 2008; Alphabetically, the next letters will increase by 1 year. For example, K stands for 2009. Q is in the example image. It means 2015.

So the modules of the battery pack shown in the picture were made on 08 April 2015. The maximum lifespan of the battery is up to 2025 years.

Year in which letter: U 2019, V 2020, W 2021, X 2022, Y 2023 and Z 2024.

Hybrid batteries are high voltage and spark sensitive. A slight mistake can shorten battery life, so hybrid batteries cannot be replaced everywhere. After changing the battery, what percentage is it good; Find out through the app or scanner. Remember, below 40 percent the battery will become junk.

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