Should I Repair My Car Before Trading It In: Guides & Tips

Should I repair my car before trading it in? It needs a couple of repairs. So I would expect my car to be worth around 6K to 8K if in good shape, but these repairs could take up to 3K. So, What should you do? Don’t worry! Here is my useful consultation and guide for you.

Should I Repair My Car Before Trading It In: Guides & Tips

A trader will make you relax in the trade. You must be very lucky to be given extra credit for being “good” or “excellent” and not “fair”

If your jeep looks differently taken care of, I will not go into details. Dealerships can detail a car for a very low cost, they are not going to give you a big discount to save effort.

Keep in mind that dealerships will fill out the invoice the way they think the car will sell. If they think your transaction is worth $ 5k and your new one is worth $ 20k (but refers to $ 25k) – they may give you $ 10k credit but price the car $ 25k or give you $ 2.5k credit but price of the car at $ 18.5,000. The point is, do not trust what value trade they are trying to sell you. Know that if you make a big value deal, they are much more likely to rearrange the numbers until you are happy than to actually give you a discount.

That said, if your car is not clean enough it will not pass as “fair”. Their inspection will tell them that the car is not taken care of and they will predict problems.

Often, the famous last words of a car salesman are, “My car is worth 7, but repairs will only be 3”. If you’re really lucky, yes. If not here’s a new product just for you! The repairs will have revealed more problems than expected and this account has reached about 4.

You never said what exactly a car is OR the exact repairs it needs. Maybe you should make half the repairs and sell them or exchange them that way.

It all depends on the car, in my opinion. You can take it to the dealer as it is and see what they offer. It will be less than what you will get if you sell it yourself. Take a look at Craigslist and Facebook to see how much it sells in the state it is in and how much you spend on the road all fixed. It will also help if you or you know someone who can help you fix it. Sometimes it is not worth repairing the vehicles if they are on sale, if they are older they will relax you and buy it at auction.

If you are going to exchange the car in any way, you will not get back the money you put into repairing it. As the car sits, it can cost you almost $ 3k to get it to its full value, but it will not cost a dealer. They have their own engineers, so they know they can do it for $ 2k, for example. With that in mind, if (and this is a big if, but hypothetically) if your car would really be worth $ 7k if repaired, they might offer you $ 5k now (to allow the $ 2k cost to fix it). While if you spent $ 3k to build the car, only to sell it for $ 7k, then you will earn $ 4k. Unfortunately, even if you were offered $ 4k for the car as it sits, you are even better off spending $ 3k just to sell the car for $ 7k, so much so that trading is now faster and easier than waiting after repairs and you will be in the same place financially anyway.

Bottom line, no matter the details (because everything I’ve written so far is wild speculation, especially assuming your car will be really worth $ 7k if fixed) it will always be true that you will spend more on car repair than you can to expect to receive after the sale of the car. You will be more ahead in the end if you lose money selling the car than if you spend money to build the car.

The first thing to consider is whether this “7K value” refers to the wholesale value or the retail value, if you are selling it yourself.

If you exchange it you will have a wholesale sale. So go to and add all the details and see what the transaction value is. Never evaluate the condition of your car above average, unless the showroom is clean and unspoiled.

Once you are sure of the wholesale price, chances are it would be best not to repair it and put $ 3K into the new car… if you have it in cash.

If your car overturns and can be driven to the dealer, it will have some value as a trade.

If you want to go it cheap and risk the low bandwidth you are only fooling yourself. But, $ 3ak is close to half the value of the car.

So the best scenario may be to invest $ 3K and drive the old car until the wheels fall off.

If your car is worth 7K in good condition, then it is really worth 4K, which is 7K minus the cost to put it in good condition.

You can not avoid math. The retail value of a car is in good condition, but less the cost of the repairs required.

you can spend 10k for repairs, but the dealer will give you a booking price in exchange and if the car is over 5 years old and has more than 20km, you can expect a very low exchange price. Keep your money in your pocket and forget about repairs.

Working in three agencies I recommend bringing it without repairs. But, shop to see who will give you the best exchange dollars. However, conventional wisdom has shown that selling it yourself can at some point bring in more cash. Start by going to the dealerships to see what they have to offer. Caution; may offer more than you expected, but increase the price of the car you choose. Good luck!

You have to weigh the pros and cons, if it’s worth 7k fixes but 5k not repaired then not, but if it’s worth 7k foxes and only 1500 not repaired well if you fix it for 3k your value increases by 5500, hence 2500 more.

Exchange it with another car, the dealer from whom you buy it can repair it much cheaper than you can, and if you shut up and do not tell him what is wrong, he may even lose some things when he appreciates its value as a commercial transactions.

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